Group Rates reflect overnight stay with up to three (3) meals served during a 24-hour period. Children under the age of five (5) stay free. Group Rates also reflect use of necessary camp facilities and recreational areas. Minimum number of twenty (20) individuals required to qualify for these rates. Groups having fewer than the minimum number registered are required to pay the minimum amount for use of the facilities for overnight stays. Contact BFC for rate updates and scheduling information. 

BOGO! (Buy One Get One Half Off) - To attract new families, current Bethlehem families can sponsor someone who has never been to the camp at a rate of "buy one, get one half off." This is for adults and their children only. Both sponsor and new attendee MUST be registered one month before camp starts (May 17), and their applications must indicate "sponsor" or "sponsored by." Youth and intermediate children must have their parents attending for at least the weekend to qualify as sponsored guests at the lower rate.