What is Bethlehem Family Camp? 

     Bethlehem Family Camp (BFC) is an independent Christian campground.  BFC is not directly affiliated with any particular Christian denomination or fellowship.

Where is BFC?

     BFC is located in the Florida panhandle, approximately half-way between Tallahassee, FL and Pensacola , FL running east to west and between Panama City, FL and Dothan, AL running north to south.

What type of facility is BFC?

     BFC is not a resort; it is a campground and RV park with rustic, comfortable housing, meeting and dining areas.  Many buildings on the camp reflect a nostalgic architecture from the previous century, but all accommodations have been upgraded to provide guests with as many conveniences as feasible within the bounds of the overall camp atmosphere and mission.

Who can use BFC?

     BFC is open for use by visiting Christian individuals and organizations which adhere to the Apostles’ Creed and to the teachings of Jesus Christ and early Christian writers, as found in the New Testament of the Bible.

Are there restrictions that apply when utilizing the facilities at BFC?

     BFC is an alcohol/tobacco/narcotic-free facility, and all guests are required to abstain from the use of intoxicating beverages, illegal narcotics and/or tobacco products while on the grounds.

     While pets are allowed on the grounds, provided they are on a leash, no pets are allowed inside any camp buildings.  If a pet is deemed overly aggressive by camp staff, the owner will be asked to remove the animal from the premises or to place it in a secure cage.


Who is responsible for the operations of the camp?


     BFC is under the auspices of a Board of Directors, which sets the policies of the camp, and the camp officers, who oversee the major activities of the camp.  An on-site camp manager directs the daily operations of the camp.

How much does it cost to use the facilities at BFC?

     Typical costs are described on the Donations/Fees page.  Please keep in mind that BFC is a ministry, not a business.  Our requested fees are well below the average rates charged by private campgrounds that operate for a profit.

How do I pay for any costs I incur while staying at BFC?

     We currently accept cash and checks or money orders made out to Bethlehem Family Camp.  You may use credit/debit cards while registering through this website

How can I arrange to visit the camp in order to inspect the facilities?

     Tours of the camp can be arranged by calling the camp manager’s home  telephone at:  850.547.2598.

Does BFC have a email blast list?

     Yes.  If you would like to be placed on the email list, enter your email on our home page.